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How to Take Advantage of Artificial Intelligence for Recruiting Efforts

Recruitment is a time-consuming challenge for many businesses. Hiring the wrong candidate can be expensive and can even lead to lowered morale with other teammates having to pick up the slack. Effectively using artificial intelligence for recruitment can lead to yielding better talent. The purpose of artificial intelligence is to decrease and streamline recruitment tasks that are redundant and are of high-volume.

There are multiple advantages come with using AI for recruitment such as:

  • Posting on multiple sources at once

  • Outsourcing the screening process

  • Tracking the candidate’s application process and other digital activities on sites like LinkedIn or Glassdoor

  • Recruiting remote workers by using video-interview tools and pre-employment assessments to gauge whether an applicant would be a good organizational fit based on their personality and skillset instead of investing in travel fees for applicants

  • Tracking employee referrals

  • Hiring diverse candidates and reducing bias by eliminating the process of having a person screen applications, which would, in turn, remove human bias. Some AI platforms, such as GapJumpers, have tools that help create a job description with inclusive language. Some AI software even redact name and addresses and only look at the resume’s skills and job content.

When it comes to recruitment, artificial intelligence can be very beneficial and cost-effective, only if you are using the correct platform. Although the platform itself can be costly, it may be more cost-effective than having internal human resources personnel spending time on recruitment. The time saved could be spent on higher-level work that requires more attention and involvement from an internal staff member. When deciding on using AI for recruiting, the first step is to address your organization’s goals and pain points and then making an informed decision on which technology best fits your needs. Some HRIS platforms offer applicant tracking systems that provide the services your organization may be looking for and even extend to handling onboarding tasks. You can use this opportunity to explore other features that may support your recruiting or onboarding efforts; explore incorporating applicant tracking tools and self-service onboarding processes while performing this analysis.

Please reach out to your designated HR advisor to determine which AI platform works best for your needs.

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