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Top HR Tech Trends of 2023

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Technology stands at the forefront when transforming the way nonprofits operate. Due to the pandemic, we’ve seen an acceleration of organizations adopting technology to streamline their processes, enhance employee engagement, and make data-driven decisions like never before.

Leaders continue to face challenges in determining how to modernize their operations and making informed decisions regarding technology investments. As organizations weigh the possibilities, it is important to understand that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Below, we share top HR tech trends to keep you up-to-date and to help you determine what HR technology could make sense for your organization.

Employee Experience Platforms (EXP) and Software (EXS)

EXPs provide a holistic view of an employee's journey within an organization, from recruitment to offboarding. EXS is an umbrella term for the applications that companies use to enhance their employee experience. In combination, these tools can help streamline organizational processes to improve the workplace for all employees.

For example, HR teams can gather real-time feedback by sending out onboarding or exit surveys or establish a consistent employee recognition program by using platforms like Snappy, Awardco, and Kudos. By simply utilizing your PEO and HRIS data analytics tools integrated with these type of software it can be easy to begin leveraging more meaningful metrics.

Data Analytics and Predictive HR

Like most industries, HR departments are becoming more data-driven. Data analytics allows leadership to extract valuable insights from employee metrics. Organizations can track retention rates, identify skills gaps, and optimize workforce planning, among other benefits.

By incorporating data, leaders can make strategic decisions that impact their organization’s goals positively. For example, they can track their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives by analyzing demographics, identifying possible biases and trends in the implementation of new strategies.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

The trendiest topic in every industry is AI and machine learning. It is easy to see the possibilities of AI implementation in every aspect of HR. AI can help alleviate workloads in several key areas. For recruitment and retention, machine learning algorithms can analyze resumes and large datasets. AI-powered learning and development platforms incorporate AI to recommend relevant courses and track employee progress. Chatbots can answer employees' questions and offer alternative resources. AI and other automated tools can streamline managerial responsibilities by eliminating manual or nonessential tasks.


HR tech trends in 2023 are geared toward making HR processes more efficient, inclusive, and data informed. From employee experience platforms to AI-driven insights, the evolution of technology has challenged what we believed could be possible. As organizations embrace the changing technological landscape, we are here to advise on the best innovations to help them adapt to the evolving needs of their workforce.

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