Our Core Values

Kiwi Partners fosters an environment of trust in the workplace by encouraging communication and multilateral feedback. Honesty is what governs our decision making which in turn develops trusting relationships with our clients and the Kiwi team.

Kiwi Partners is dedicated to our Kiwi mission and the mission of our clients. Loyalty is what guides us to work collaboratively with our teams to achieve common goals.

Kiwi Partners exercises compassion as a cornerstone in building relationships. The demonstration of empathy allows for a deeper understanding, appreciation, and more efficient resolutions with our clients and colleagues.

Kiwi Partners has a supportive working environment and inclusive culture that provides our diverse team with the community necessary to serve our clients and their missions.

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Kiwi Partners | 237 West 35th Street, #1101, New York, NY 10001 | 212.532.7171