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The Importance of Manager Training and Preparedness in Employee-Related Issues

The importance of manager training and preparedness, particularly regarding employee-related issues, cannot be overstated. Employers can better manage their teams and protect the organization from costly, time-consuming, and emotionally taxing employee-related matters by effectively training and preparing managers. Managers also need to be aware of potential problems that could arise from employee-related concerns. They should be able to spot when an employee is acting out of line or displaying signs of distress. This knowledge can help prevent problems from becoming too serious.

With proper understanding and awareness, managers will have the tools to address complex employee issues such as absences, conflicts, and performance. Through adequate training, managers can gain the skills necessary to communicate with staff, manage performance reviews, and terminate employment in a respectful and effective manner. Here are some key employee relationship concepts that managers should receive training in:

  • Understanding and analyzing performance criteria and root causes of performance deficiencies

  • Identifying action items for addressing employee misconduct

  • Differentiating between performance and conduct issues

  • Being able to resolve ongoing employee conflicts

  • Knowing the processes and procedures for implementing disciplinary actions

  • Transparent communication with feedback

  • Employee engagement

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training

  • Identifying skill development needs and how to support learning

Training managers in effective communication skills is essential. Difficult discussions can occur when dealing with employees, and it's important for managers to know how to handle these conversations and when to partner with others, such as HR. Effective communication can make the process easier and improve outcomes for everyone involved.

Offering training in DEI and mental health can help managers be more empathetic and understanding to their employees. DEI training will make managers more mindful of their employees' backgrounds, beliefs, and values and allow them to customize their work, communication, and motivation styles accordingly. Mental health training also allows for early detection of employee burnout and substance use concerns, amongst other red flags of mental health problems.

Organizations need prepared and trained managers to help achieve business objectives and keep operations running smoothly. Through the use of managerial training programs, organizations can ensure that their managers have the skills they need to effectively handle employee challenges.Here are some recommendations on building a training program for your managers:

1. Determine training needs by locating performance and skill gaps analysis. Some essential skills all managers should have are:

  • Effective communication

  • Performance Management

  • Conflict resolution

  • Managing behavior in the workplace

  • Interviewing and hiring skills

  • Motivating and coaching employees

  • How to respond to and avoid harassment and discrimination claims

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion

2. Develop learning objectives. Once you’ve identified the key areas, develop a list of learning objectives that are measurable, achievable and relevant.

3. Create the training content. Develop visually attractive presentations or handouts with key points.

4. Include real-life scenarios. Provide examples of issues or challenges that managers may come across frequently.

5. Add interactive components such as quizzes, scenario-based or group activities to engage the managers in the learning process.

6. Provide ongoing training and updates. Keep your training program up to date with any changes in laws or regulations, as well as specific industry news and updates.

By prioritizing training and preparedness for managers, employers equip them with the essential tools to be more impactful leaders. This investment not only safeguards their organization against costly disputes but also facilitates timely and successful resolution of employee-related issues. Furthermore, investing in manager training can enhance team performance, morale, and productivity, making it indispensable for organizational success.

Kiwi Partners helps organizations with creating engaging training programs that fit your needs. Contact us to learn more.


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