Sexual Harassment Prevention Training: What is the Right Approach for Your Organization?

NYS/NYC Annual Training Deadline is 12/31/2022.

Important Link: Kiwi Partners' Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (Online)

With New York State and New York City mandating Annual Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for organizations of all sizes, various training options are available to comply with the requirements. What is the right choice for you and your team?

Online Training

The NYC Commission of Human Rights, as well as some entities, including Kiwi Partners, offer online training. Most online sessions take approximately 45-60 minutes and may be available in a few languages. Completing this training online is a viable option for organizations looking to meet the requirements while allowing each staff member to complete it at their own pace and time. These tools usually cover the necessary content, are somewhat interactive, and provide a certificate of completion.

If you are exploring this possibility, keep in mind that online tools will not include specifics about your organization when it comes to investigating, reporting or your available resources. It is therefore highly recommended that if chosen, this option is coupled with an internal follow-up session.

Furthermore, with an online training, your employees will likely be able to see some case studies and answer questions to test their understanding, However, they will not be able to ask questions. As a result, you may want to consider providing examples that are most in line with your programs or business during that recommended follow-up session.

Live Training

For organizations that have a remote workforce, or have locations across different cities, live sessions can accommodate in-person as well as remote workers when offered via a video conferencing tool.

If this is the first time that you will be training your staff on sexual harassment, we highly recommend that you do it live. Kiwi Partners also offers live training sessions. One of the benefits of live training is that you get more of your staff’s attention and engagement, which in turn facilitates good discussions. A live training also allows you to see your team’s reactions and what concepts may be harder for them to understand. As a result, you may decide to provide some other resources as a follow up to them.

Moreover, you may be able to customize the content, and tie it back to your culture. During a live session, you can ensure that the case studies, examples, or the overall content provide a bigger message and is in line with your other HR initiatives. This is also an excellent opportunity to share your commitment to respectful work environments and other best practices while at the same time comply with the law.

Whether you decide to train your team with an online or live tool, it is highly recommended to find a platform that can address current norms and work environment. If your team mostly works virtually, this is an area you should ensure is discussed during the training. The same consideration should be taken when finding the right vendor, whether it's for events, conferences, or any particular activities that your team may encounter.

Lastly, with the end-of-year deadline approaching, it is recommended you take another look at your sexual harassment policy and distribute it prior to the training taking place.

Reach out to Kiwi Partners’ HR services to discuss how you can best meet the harassment training requirements, while offering meaningful and thoughtful guidance for your team.

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