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Sage Intacct's Custom Integration for Nonprofits: Improve Financial Reporting

Sage Intacct is a cloud-based accounting solution designed to meet the specific needs of nonprofit organizations. It seamlessly integrates with some of the best-in-class solutions for business processes such as accounts receivable, accounts payables, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), or budgeting and forecasting applications.

Kiwi Partners' Nonprofit Consulting Technology Partner Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct’s open API (Application Programming Interface) allows for custom integration of software, enabling nonprofits to connect their various applications and systems and automate their business processes. This integration helps nonprofits achieve better transparency for stakeholders, allowing for accurate and real-time data analysis and consistency in reporting.

By integrating the right software with Sage Intacct, nonprofits can save hours of work each month, allowing them to focus on their mission-critical tasks. For example, integrating a CRM system with Sage Intacct can help nonprofits better manage their donor relationships and track fundraising efforts. Imagine only entering the data once in your CRM tool!

Overall, Sage Intacct's robust features and custom integration capabilities make it an excellent choice for nonprofits looking to streamline their business processes and improve their financial reporting capabilities.


Kiwi Partners' Nonprofit Consulting Technology Partner Sage Intacct Accounting Software Integration

Sage Intacct Advanced Salesforce CRM Integration for Nonprofits is a powerful solution that provides seamless integration between Sage Intacct and Salesforce, one of the top CRM software in the market today. This integration goes beyond just porting data and sending transactions; it provides embedded insight to accounting and CRM users, improving communication across teams.

With integrated Salesforce Chatter and Sage Intacct Collaborate, the Finance and Development departments can easily see accurate Accounts Receivable or Pledge balances and the same number for cash receipts, among other data. This integration eliminates manual data entry, ensuring data is always in sync and reducing the reconciliation burden between Salesforce and accounting.

By integrating Salesforce CRM with Sage Intacct, nonprofits can improve their financial reporting and minimize manual re-entry and reconciliations. This integration allows for easy communication between departments, which means everyone can feel confident that their numbers tell the same story and differences can be easily explained.

In addition to Salesforce, Sage Intacct seamlessly integrates with other popular nonprofit applications such as those below, enabling nonprofits to customize their software stack and streamline their business processes.

You can find many other APIs and Sage Intacct Integrations here:

Contact the Kiwi Partners' Consulting team for more information about Sage Intacct and integrations or to see a demo of the Salesforce CRM Integration for nonprofits.

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