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HR Blogs to Check Out

There is no shortage of where to find content these days. In addition to the Kiwi Partners' blog that our team actively manages, there is a plethora of other sites to find further insights and expand on one’s knowledge of HR.

Below are some that our team regularly visit:

HR Bartender is a safe and supported space to discuss workplace issues. The content reads casually yet provides actionable and detailed steps that are digestible and can be applied in various environments.

Namely delivers breaking news in the HR industry, and is mainly geared for individuals who want be on top of current events and are keen on payroll, compliance, and benefits.

Hppy features articles from various contributors whose content focuses on employee engagement, talent management, workplace happiness (as echoed in the name), and the latest HR trends.

A lot of the content featured are case studies and articles based on personal experience.

HR Capitalist offers robust and diverse content that facets around questioning and maximizing processes to free up space, allowing readers to focus more on strategic and less administrative endeavors.

HBR’s intended audience is generally the leadership at an organization, and it does a great job in weaving in academic research and the application thereof. It is written with more formality and structure, offering well-rounded content to help improve one’s self, team, and organization.

Fistful of Talent is a blog that focuses on recruiting and human capital management. It is written in a somewhat cheeky tone, but its commentary is nonetheless insightful.

At Kiwi Partners, we believe that in order to grow, we must continuously learn. By sharing some of the resources we use to help us gain perspective, we hope that our collective experiences will help in driving positive change in our teams, organizations, and communities.


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