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Success Story: Consolidating HR Technology to Improve Team Productivity

Kiwi Partners recently worked with a nonprofit that provides mental health support through empowerment and prevention programming, health screenings, and policy. The HR leader managed a small team of administrative and finance support staff. The team used multiple technologies for benefits administration, payroll, and human resource information. Consolidating the HR technologies into one system to fit the needs of the organization and team was essential to optimizing their time and efforts, utilizing systems more effectively, saving time, and reducing errors.

Juggling different applications was time-consuming and created a substantial administrative burden. Furthermore, the technologies were not integrated resulting in data being manually inputted multiple times. The information was unreliable with errors in timesheet management, payroll processing, and financial reports due to various sources of information and inconsistent time-off and leave processes.

Kiwi Partners performed a needs assessment and evaluated the HR technology in place. Then, working with the organization, we performed a cost benefit analysis to select the appropriate Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS). After the assessment, we decided that a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) would be best equipped to solve this organization’s pain points.

We looked for a PEO platform that featured automated reminders for time-off management, benefits enrollment and adjustments, document storage, and hourly payroll management, allowing quicker communication and fewer errors. In addition, Kiwi Partners helped establish new processes where HR information could be accessed and maintained in one system. We also provided training to users and administrators to make full use of the PEO.

Since the organization transitioned to a PEO, the organization was able to offer generous benefits to their team while reducing spending due to paying lower corporation rates. These savings resulted in the organization allocating more of their budget and energy to focus on their mission of mental health programming.

If your organization needs assistance in assessing your current HR technologies and selecting an HR solution that best fits your organization's needs, please contact your HR advisor or Kiwi Partners' HR Services.


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