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Building Stronger Partnerships: Adding a Human Touch to Tech

Kiwi Partners' SVP of Consulting Services, Kate Koraia, MBA, CPA, and Sage Intacct Accountants Program (SIAP) Partner, recently participated as a speaker at Sage Transform technology conference, in the panel "Building Stronger Partnerships: Adding a Human Touch to Tech". During the conversation, panelists explored the importance of human connections in business partnerships and how they facilitate meaningful relationships. They discussed finding the right balance between technology and personal connections, laying the foundation for sustained long-term success.

Key takeaways from the conversation:


People-Centric AI (AI as copilot) - Organizations should utilize AI to augment human judgment, emphasizing its role in supporting—not replacing—the personal touch that is intrinsic to the finance team to become more advisory and strategic partners.


Ethical AI Practices - Embed ethical considerations into your AI strategy, ensuring technologies are used responsibly to uphold the values and trust that are the bedrock of nonprofit organizations.


Continuous Learning and Development - Empower teams with ongoing training and education, fostering a culture that embraces the changes AI brings, while enhancing its contribution to the nonprofit's mission. Implement ethical change management practices.


Process Enhancement with AI - Streamline operational processes using AI automation, leading to improved efficiency and more time for staff to focus on strategic initiatives.


Collaborative AI Workforce - Integrate AI into the workflow, creating a synergy between technology and staff that enhances productivity and effectiveness in fulfilling your organization's objectives.


Regulatory Compliance - Monitor and comply with current and emerging regulations related to AI, ensuring that your nonprofit remains a credible and trustworthy institution.


Leveraging Technology - Keep pace with technological advancements, using AI to optimize internal and client-facing functions, from donor management to beneficiary services, ensuring that you are maximizing resources for the greatest impact.


Importance of People, Process, and Technology - Realize that the successful application of AI in the nonprofit sector relies on an equilibrium between People (staff and stakeholders' skills and needs), Process (operational workflows and service delivery), and Technology (AI tools and automation systems). Aligning these three elements is key to achieving strategic goals and amplifying the positive influence of your organization.

Interested in leveraging AI tools at your nonprofit? Contact Kiwi Partners' Consulting services team to learn more.


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