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Sage Intacct 2021 R1 - What’s New & Notable

Sage Intacct (SI) has recently released new features and product updates in February. Here are some features that we are excited to share, that are designed to help you work smarter and more efficiently than ever.

Projects/NFP Grants Supporting Documentation

If your organization has multiple federal grants, this will simplify your reporting process. Simply attach all the receipts and invoices to send a monthly report with one click to government funders.

Save time by putting an end to the manual organization of invoice documents. Automatically link source document attachments to project invoices and easily access them with a click. You can choose to include source documentation in email invoices to reduce questions or discrepancies and speed up the payments process.

The Projects/NFP Grants Supporting Documentation feature is included with no additional cost for subscribers of the Grants and Project Module.

Working Checklists

Instead of using a separate monthly closing application, use checklists to manage and track your internal processes effectively. For example, you can use working checklists to manage and track the close process. And you can break down the process into granular assignments. Email notifications keep people informed of their new assignments and checklist owners informed of assignment progress updates. Working checklists help drive process consistency and improve process outcomes.

Working Checklists require implementation. Please contact Kiwi Partners Consulting Services to help set up the feature.

Accounts Receivable

Enhanced Receive Payments - This release includes more enhancements to Sage Intacct’s new Receive Payments feature. Now, you can add attachments to payment receipts, filter for posted payments faster, filter for specific invoices with column filters, filter set inline item details, sort invoices and invoice line items, and use additional dimensions for overpayment information.

Accounts Receivable requires implementation. Please contact Kiwi Partners Consulting Services to help set up the feature.


In addition, see below for a high-level view of what is new. The following features are automatic and do not require implementation. If you are on the Kiwi Partners SI Console, our consulting team will help you set it up.

Cash Management: Save time and streamline the reconciliation process with increased automation and expanded actions directly on bank feed transactions. In addition, get a whole new, more reliable way to streamline electronic payments to your vendors.

  • Bank feeds now download transactions every four hours in the background. Save time by eliminating the need to manually initiate and wait for transactions to download as part of your reconciliation process.

  • Create journal entries, manual payments, or other receipts directly from the bank transactions list page. Keep up with managing bank feed transactions on a continuous basis without going to the reconciliation page.

  • Enhanced matching rules – Sage Intacct enhanced matching rules to automatically match bank feed transactions that are lump sums to multiple transactions within Intacct.

  • GL Posting tab on transactions -The new GL posting tab is available on credit card and charge payoff transactions. It provides greater visibility and traceability into resulting AP and journal entry transactions

General Ledger: Enhanced approvals - Reduce approval bottlenecks with group approval and approval delegation

  • Multiple and substitute approvals - Setup shared approval responsibilities by assigning user groups as approvers. Any member of the assigned user group can then approve the transaction to move the approval process forward.

Approval Delegation: Delegate approvals to an authorized team member when you’re out of the office or unavailable.


The new features listed below require implementation. Please contact Kiwi Partners Consulting Services to help set up the feature.

Electronic payments (Early Adopter) - a new streamlined electronic payments service for paying your vendors in the US. SI partnered with CSI, a trusted payments platform, to deliver a superior payment experience that is seamlessly integrated into the Intacct Accounts Payable workflow. Supported payment methods include automated clearinghouse (ACH) transfer, printed check, and virtual card. If you're interested in being an early adopter, contact Kiwi Partners.

Financial Reporting: This release includes several financial report enhancements that many have been requesting:

  • Report distribution – Easily set up a scheduled report to execute for each department or location and distribute to the associated department or location manager.

  • Column date calculation - There is improved visibility into how as-of- date parameters are used to calculate the dates for generating the report output.

  • Filter parameter viewing - Gain visibility into how a report was filtered or narrowed with the inclusion of filter parameters in the footer of the report.

Implementation required. Contact Kiwi Partners. New Subscription required.

Custom Reports and Analysis: Custom report Writer (CRW), Interactive Custom Report Writer (ICRW), and Interactive Visual Explorer enhancements (IVE)

  • Custom reports categories - Find custom reports and analysis faster by categorizing them by specific report types and audiences.

  • Expanded prebuilt reports and analytics – Sage Intacct expanded its library of prebuilt reports and analytics. New IVE visual boards provide insight into projects and timesheets. New ICRW reports provide insight into customer profitability, purchased items, sold items, and sales orders. Prebuilt reports and analytics shorten time to value. The reports can be used immediately out-of-the-box or copied and used to jump start creating custom reports and analysis to meet your specific needs.

  • Flexible date-based analysis - Analyzing your data by date is now easier than ever. Perform flexible date-based analysis in ICRW and IVE using new prebuilt time measures, such as yesterday, last week, current or prior month, quarter, year, and more.

Domestic Consolidation: SI is enabling consolidation functionality domestically. Domestic Consolidations is a new subscription for customers who need to consolidate and streamline high-volume, inter-entity reporting across a single base currency.

For more information on any of the features above, please contact Lisa, Kate, Nathan or Atish from the Kiwi Partners' Consulting team.

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