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Spotlight Reporting for QuickBooks Users

Over the past months, the consulting team at Kiwi Partners has undergone training for Spotlight Reporting, a suite of tools designed to streamline the reporting and dashboarding process. We plan to offer this exciting new application to all of our clients using QuickBooks or QuickBooks Online by the end of this year. This new software that Kiwi Partners uses will allow organizations that use QB to access more powerful and customizable reports. Once set up, reports can be easily accessible at the end of every month close in place of the current reporting package. The new dashboards and reporting packages will be part of the monthly meetings, and provide a concise snapshot of important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and better than the “Out of the Box” reporting currently accessed from QuickBooks. We can work with an organization’s preferences to develop a package of reports and dashboards that meet their needs, and support timely decision making.

One example of a dashboard we have developed is a Surplus (Deficit) comparison:

Spotlight Dashboard

This dashboard provides an immediate snapshot of an organization’s performance this year as opposed to the previous year, with regard to net activity. It was configured by first creating the formula, and then choosing the period, and chart type. These are features are unavailable in QuickBooks, and are only available in more powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)systems.

Once the reporting and dashboarding package is set up once, it will update the same way each time it syncs with QuickBooks, resulting in monthly reports with no need to make the same changes every time. The reporting and dashboarding for QuickBooks just got a lot more exciting!

Contact Kiwi Partners' consulting team to learn more.

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