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Project Management and Client Advisory Services (CAS)

The needs of an accountant continue to evolve. We are moving from providing just bookkeeping and accounting tasks to include Client Advisory Services (CAS) as a critical part of our role. This new advisory function requires us to step out of our comfort zone and develop new skills. Project management is a key new skill all accountants need to acquire, which should be part of our leadership abilities and part of CAS. 

Why has project management become so important? Any activity that needs proper planning and execution, while keeping track of time and resources (budget) and scope,  requires  project management skills.  

Project management will:  

  • Force us to break down large tasks into achievable goals and actionable items.

  • Keep us focused on the result we want to achieve.  

  • Manage us through timelines and deadlines.   

At Kiwi Partners, we understand the importance of planning and project management, and as a certified Project Manager Professional (PMP), I am required to lead our consulting efforts with project management techniques to get our work done effectively and efficiently. 

Project management will continue to become an accountant’s must-have skillset, and the AICPA has recognized this by adding it to its core professional competencies. Let us support your organization’s mission by bringing our skills to the table. 

Resources and useful websites: 

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