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Ways to Take Time Off Without Traveling

With summer underway and NYC beginning to reopen, now would be a reasonable time to start thinking about and utilizing time off. Stepping away from work and breaking up a routine now and then can have a positive impact on one’s physical and mental wellbeing. Studies have shown that individuals who do not take vacations are more susceptible to illness and tend to have weaker interpersonal connections. As an employer, we can only strive to support our working environment by encouraging this time away for staff to reconnect with themselves and their loved ones.

While the impact of the pandemic and its influence in our decisions on whether or not to travel continues, there are a number of ways one can use and adapt this time to one’s comfort while maintaining its positive impacts. Below are some ideas:

Have a Stay-cation

As our cities begin to ‘un-pause’, taking time to explore your city provides a great opportunity to reconnect with friends, and discover new hidden gems that remind us of the beauty we have in our backyard.

Finish that Personal Project

Conflicting priorities often can be stressful. Dedicating time to clean out the garage, make a family scrapbook, or knock out your holiday shopping (or whatever else you had on your personal to-do list) can alleviate stress and increase your focus.

Invest in a Hobby

Have something that you are passionate about or enjoy doing in your spare time? Whether your creativity is by way of a photo blog, or gardening, or making solid sourdough bread, taking a few days to master a passion of yours can have a positive impact on one’s self-esteem and creativity. Once you are done, you may even start considering how you could turn this hobby into a small side business.

Take Long(er) Weekends

Although this year has presented challenges on how to socialize with one another, that doesn’t mean that holidays and celebratory weekends (like Labor Day) should be overlooked! Taking extra time around these moments can provide much-needed opportunities to create valuable memories with family.

While we can be hopeful that staff will invest in their wellbeing and take the necessary time for themselves throughout the remainder of this year, it is ultimately up to the employer to set the tone (refer different ways employers can address the high accumulation of PTO here). Leaders should lead by example and encourage time off but also can demonstrate compassion and flexibility given how the events of this year have impacted everyone differently.

The events of 2020 thus far have been a tribulation for many. While it can be a catalyst for change, it has, without reservation, devastated many communities. We hope that these events have provided the opportunity for all of us to reflect and appreciate our blessings, and we hope to continue to support those we can influence by supporting community and promoting health.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to your HR Advisor.

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