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Winter Employee Wellness

When the weather is so cold and holidays are over, employees can find themselves in a lull. It’s often difficult to come up with indoor employee wellness activities that are both safe and engaging. When planning office events in winter, it is highly recommended that employers keep in mind that outdoor activities, such as ice skating or skiing can be dangerous and result in a workers’ compensation claims.

A creative initiative that some employers are now implementing is Winter Fridays, where employees are permitted to leave work early as long as their work is completed and deliverables have been met. This policy also appeals to various employees, such as employees who observe Shabbat, or for employees who have a long commute home where public transportation isn’t as available.

For organizations where leaving early is not an option, remote days are a good option. More and more employees are seeking jobs where they can work from anywhere. Furthermore, employers can host indoor events such as winter themed potlucks or weekly pet days, where a staff member brings in their pet, or even a local animal shelter can bring in pets for an hour to the office. Other options include having a short yoga session to get endorphins flowing and to boost staff mood.

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