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Implementing an Effective Dating Policy

With an upheaval in sexual harassment cases, employers should be especially aware of romantic relationships in the workplace. It is imperative that proper policies regarding this be circulated to employees. Factors to consider when creating an office romance policy include whether it is allowed, how it should be documented, and proper behaviors to portray when at work.

Employees should be required to report their relationship to a supervisor or their human resources representative. Dating policies should not only specify whether coworkers can have relationships but should also state whether a supervisor and subordinate can date. Furthermore, it should also be explicitly stated whether inter and intra departmental coworkers can engage in romantic relationships.

In order to prevent any further quid pro quo sexual harassment allegations or favoritism, both parties of the relationship should sign a form that acknowledges they are aware of the company’s dating policy and will not violate any regulations. The policy should also state possible consequences, such as disciplinary action or termination, should employees not practice proper workplace etiquette written in the policy.

Please consult your HR representative for advice on how to create a dating policy that aligns with your business’s needs.

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