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Holiday Party Do's and Don'ts

​As fall nears an end and we approach the holiday season, planning for company holiday parties is in full swing. While a company holiday party provides a great opportunity for the display of appreciation and comradery, it can also be a minefield that requires navigation and foresight. While each company holiday party is unique, here are some common best practices to follow in order to boost morale without entering potentially hazardous territory:


· Make everybody feel included

· Welcome employee input

· Be aware of allergies and special diets

· Set a dress code

· Encourage employees to take a cab or car service home

· Have a start and stop time (this will also help to discourage heaving drinking)

· Remind managers that they are on duty


· Use language which would otherwise not be appropriate for the workplace setting

· Make attendance or group activities during the event mandatory

· Dress in attire that would otherwise be inappropriate for the workplace setting

· Participate in office hearsay

· Engage in harassing behavior


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