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The Mission

The NYC chapter of a nationwide nonprofit embodies their mission of eliminating racism and

empowering women through afterschool programs, summer camps, and a girls initiative to provide

opportunites to gain valuable skills.

Business Challenge

  • Organizational restructuring lead to the collapse of the HR department

  • Lack of process documentation left the organization in a vulnerable state when employees resigned

  • Human Resource Management System (HRMS) was being underutilized by staff due to its complexity


  • Developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to ensure the transfer of knowledge and a smooth succession

  • Lead the integration into a new, functional, and cost-effective HRMS

  • Served as the Interim Chief Administration Officer providing continuity and leadership until full time HR team was hired

  • Oversaw payroll, benefits, employee relations, on/off-boarding, and operations

Customer Success Stories



  • Serving as the interim HR leadership, we have refined processes and reallocated responsibilities based on skills and best practices.

Cost Savings

  • Both our succession planning and transition into a new HRMS lead to better management of the organization's resources.


  • HR administration was well maintained and the organization operated smoothly during this period of transition.

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