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The Mission

Global nonprofit with aim to improve the quality of life of individuals by campaigning for sexual and

reproductive health and rights through advocacy and services, especially for poor and vulnerable


Business Challenge

  • Non-compliance with local, state, and federal laws

  • Outdated and manual HR processes

  • HRIS features being paid but underutilized - staff spent time entering data that could be automated

  • Ineffective and informal onboarding process – staff and new hires felt lost

  • Inadequate and tedious recruiting processes

  • Informal and inconsistent compensation practices

  • Unsuccessful performance management process


  • Incorporated best practices an implementation of HR strategies and processes across multiple locations

  • Streamlined HR processes and documents

  • Implemented technology in the administration of benefits

  • Assisted with restructuring of the HR department

  • Implemented technology in the application and candidate tracking process

  • Developed compensation philosophy, updated salary bands, and administration guide

  • Implemented performance management system; incorporated goal setting and peer feedback.

Customer Success Stories



Efficient and effective HR practices


Reduced risks for the organization


Saved Time

HR, supervisors and staff gained time to focus on the organization’s mission and their performance development

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