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Our Success Story

The Mission

Foundation assists individuals and families in working through the emotional, psychological and

educational issues that prevent them from establishing and maintaining healthy meaningful lives.

Nonprofit Challenge

  • Sage Intacct was not implemented to meet end users' needs.

  • Staff did not receive proper training on Sage Intacct.


  • Re-engineered accounting system to meet the organization's needs.

  • Provided full training to staff on fundamentals, as well as one-on-one onsite user training

  • Our Sage Intacct Accounting and Implementation Partners worked with the Sage Intacct Engineering team to resolve issues in a short period of time.

Customer Success Stories


  • ​Saved Time

    • Cut time spent preparing financial statements by one third

    • Reduced report production time

  • Streamlined the flow of financial operations

    • Reduced data entry and simplified allocation process

    • Reduced monthly close process

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