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Our Success Story

The Mission

NPO works to prevent and eradicate trauma and stress among at-risk populations through promoting

widespread implementation of meditation programs to improve their health, cognitive capabilities and

performance in life.

Nonprofit Challenge

The NPO experienced unexpected rapid growth and did not have the accounting capability to manage current and future growth. The funder required better reporting to understand how the money was being accounted.


  • Lack of uniform allocation methodology.

  • Sage Intacct was not set up for reporting needs. Heavily reliant on Excel for reporting.

  • Unable to provide transparent reporting to Board and Funders on a timely basis.

  • Did not have training/knowledge to utilize Sage Intacct to full capacity.


  • Redesigned Chart of Accounts

  • Developed and designed real-time interactive dashboards and reports based on key stakeholders' critical requirements.

  • Streamlined allocation methodology

  • Provided one-on-one onsite user training

Customer Success Stories


  • Board and Executive team were able to make decisions in a timely manner

    • Reduce report production time - saved 40 hours per quarter by generating reports directly from Sage Intacct

    • Reduce data entry  and simplified allocation process

  • Program Director able to take ownership of budgets

    • Able to easily determine program efficiency and fundraising expense ratio

    • Generated KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) for impact measurement


NPO received additional funding and is able to focus on their mission and programming. The NPO had $10m revenue and its revenue grew to almost $15m the following year.

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