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Outsourced Nonprofit  Accounting Services

Nonprofit Accounting

What We Offer

We can perform weekly bookkeeping tasks, or train your staff to perform the transactional work while we concentrate on the month-end close.

We’ll produce budget versus actual reports for your organization as a whole and drill down to show spending to date within your programs and grants.


We will ensure that your accounting package is set up correctly so we can generate accurate and informative financial reports directly from your accounting system.


Together we’ll bring clarity to your financial statements.

Startup NonProfits

Many start-up nonprofits engage us for a period of time until they reach a size where they need their own full time bookkeeper.

Medium NonProfits

Your organization has been successful in fulfilling its mission for many years. Recently due to significant changes in accounting regulation, the accounting department is under a lot more pressure.

Large NonProfits

Your CFO/Controller is leaving and you want to take the time to find the right replacement.


Types of Organizations We Help

Kiwi Partners is proud to provide accounting services to start-up nonprofits.

Many start-up nonprofits will engage us for a period of time until they reach a size where they need their own full time bookkeeper. If you’re looking for nonprofit accounting services, Kiwi Partners is ready to serve you.

During your start up phase, it is important to setup your accounting package correctly and design a Chart of Accounts that meets your reporting needs for today and the future.

Further, Kiwi Partners has an industry-first “Quality Management System” (“QMS”), a set of client-centered standard business practices that ensure the consistent quality of service delivery. Our core strength is highly skilled people with very strong nonprofit accounting skills utilizing our Quality Management System – our standard business practices to get our work done. QMS is designed to provide strong internal controls, consistent high quality reporting and due to our processes being fully documented, your accounting department will be set up to be “process” reliant and not “people” dependent.

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