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Sal Virgadaula

Head of Change and Technology

Sal joined Kiwi Partners in 1998, and has contributed significantly to the growth and success of the firm over the past 20 years. Executive Directors and Board members of numerous clients - Jerusalem Foundation, Project Sunshine, SeaChange, Corporation for Supportive Housing, Community Development Venture Capital Alliance - have come to rely on Sal to help them make constructive management decisions, as they raise funds, and strive to bring their services to those in need.

Sal actively manages all of our client engagements. He provides the clients he serves directly with CFO level advice, and oversees Kiwi Partners’ managers, and ensures the highest level of client service delivery. Sal spearheaded Kiwi Partners Quality Management System “Kiwi QMS© programs” implementing it in 2009. He leads the Kiwi Partners’ team with communication and technical training as well as conducts accounting best practices workshops and seminars within the nonprofit community.


Prior to joining Kiwi Partners, Sal worked at Ernst & Young for three years as an auditor in the financial services industry, with a concentration on banks and mutual funds. He is a graduate of Manhattan College. Sal is an avid New York sports fan and enjoys watching his hometown teams, especially the Yankees, Giants and Rangers.

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