A Message from our President, Jacquie Holmes:

The coronavirus is impacting everyone – family, clients, friends, and employees. We want to share how we are managing this difficult time. Our mission to help facilitate the good deeds of others remains the same. As organizations continue to navigate COVID-19, Kiwi is making a commitment to our staff and clients in making transparent and thoughtful choices rooted in our Core Values of Community and Compassion.


To ensure the health and safety of our staff while minimizing disruption for the organizations that we serve, below are preventive steps that Kiwi has implemented so that we can continue to partner with our clients and provide a safe environment for our community. 


The steps we are taking: 


  1. Timely communication with transparency.  We care about how your organization is being affected and our team is committed to keeping you informed. Please reach out to your Kiwi team members if you need assistance. 

  2. Leveraging technology and remote capabilities to support you. Almost all of our clients have remote access and we continue to enhance these capabilities. If you are having difficulties with remote access, please contact us.

  3. We are continuing to monitor and respond to COVID-19 developments from the CDC, the State and the City of New York, as it pertains to health, wellbeing and business continuity for our employees, clients and service providers. 


We will support our clients through today’s challenges because of our experienced team, which is comprised of the talented people that you have grown to trust, and together we will carry forward.






Our team has assembled a list of links to COVID-19 resources for nonprofits. We hope to update this periodically as we receive new information that we think you may find helpful.