Kiwi Partners Stands in Support of the Asian American

and Pacific Islander Community

March 18, 2021

Dear friends and supporters of the nonprofit community,


We have experienced and witnessed so much suffering and anxiety over the last year. 


As a result of hatred, the events that are happening throughout this country continue to be deeply tragic. 


The increased anti-Asian sentiment in the past last year, the senseless racist and misogynistic violence that occurred in Atlanta on March 16th, and subsequent media coverage have been upsetting and unsettling for many Asian Americans and AAPI friends. While the country is working to acknowledge and collectively combat long-standing racial injustices - as Leaders in our space - it is our responsibility to help amplify causes, to uplift those who are impacted, and to combat injustice when they occur. 


It is disheartening that these hate crimes, fueled by our perceived differences, have surged and impacted so many different communities in our recent history. While it is easier to rely on organizations (like the ones we serve) to be champions for injustice, each of us can play a role and part in making our community a better space. None of us should feel afraid for ourselves or our loved ones because of our different backgrounds.


As injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are not safe until all people and marginalized groups are safe from violence, intolerance, oppression, inequity, injustice, and hate. 


Below are some resources to help each of us take an active role in our communities against acts of hate:

·        Responding to Harassers

·        Safety Tips For Those Experiencing or Witnessing Hate

·        Anti-Asian Violence Resource Card

·        Playbill: A Resource Guide to Support

·        The King Center: Be Love

Let us stand together in supporting each other through this period of pain, anxiety, and frustration. We have to do better, and we can. This moment brings us an opportunity for transformation and draw from our collective strength. 


Jacquie Holmes

Kiwi Partners