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Ken Hafner

Head of Accounting Services

Ken Hafner joined Kiwi Partners in 2001 and is a central member of the senior management team. Ken’s many responsibilities encompass a range of functional areas including day-to-day accounting; preparation of forward looking financial statements; oversight of client monthly and quarterly financial reporting; annual budget and audit preparation; as well as attending Board meetings to provide CFO level counsel.

Ken’s engaging personality and technical expertise make him an invaluable resource for both his clients, and the Kiwi Partners staff, to whom he is a technical advisor and mentor. Ken has served over 30 nonprofits since 2001, of which nearly all are still loyal Kiwi clients.

Prior to joining Kiwi Partners, Ken worked in the insurance sector where he gained accounting knowledge in both STAT and GAAP accounting. His other previous experiences include working for a public accounting firm, auditing and preparing individual and corporate tax returns; and as an internal auditor for the Mercantile Exchange.

Ken is a seasoned accounting professional dedicated to his clients and passionate about his work within the nonprofit sector. Ken is fluent in many accounting software packages, including QuickBooks, Peachtree, Fund EZ, MIP and MAS 500. Ken holds a B.S. in Accounting from SUNY Plattsburgh. Ken is an avid sports fan, is married with two children, and is very active in his community.

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