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Jacquie Holmes- President of Kiwi Partners Nonprofit Accounting, HR, Consulting Services - United States
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Jacquie Holmes

Senior Vice President

Jacquie Holmes founded Kiwi Partners in 1998 which provides outsourced accounting, accounting technology consulting, and HR services to the non-profit community.


Jacquie began her career at Coopers & Lybrand as an Auditor. She then served as a consultant to the Boston Federal Reserve Bank in the aftermath of the Savings and Loans crisis. Prior to incorporating Kiwi Partners in 1998, Jacquie held the post of Chief Financial Officer of the American Horse Shows Association – a non-profit with eighty thousand members.


A focused and logical leader, Jacquie recognizes the value of obtaining input from those around her and believes strongly that good planning always precedes good execution in achieving results. Jacquie is passionate about the work of her clients within the non-profit community and contributes both her time and resources to their unique missions.


Jacquie serves on the Board of Services for the Underserved Inc. the Port Washington Library Foundation, and Mixed Breeds In Need. Jacquie is a member of the Womens’ President Organization and speaks regularly at non-profit seminars and workshops assisting Board members with their Treasury role.


Jacquie completed her undergraduate studies in New Zealand and holds a Masters in Business Administration from the Stern Graduate School of Business of New York University. Jacquie is a Harvard Business School Alumni having completed the Harvard Business School’s three year OPM Executive program. Jacquie is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants.

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