Welcome to Kiwi Partners. Our accounting firm is dedicated to delivering nonprofit accounting services in NYC and beyond.

We understand the value of giving…the essential role public service plays in the world, the challenges individuals and organizations face as they attempt to bring services to those in need. The accounting support we provide to nonprofits gives the nonprofit leader the ability to focus on their mission, and provides clarity to the donor, giving them confidence to give.

Whether your mission is in social services, the arts, education, religion or consumer advocacy, Kiwi Partners understands financial transparency is critical to a nonprofit’s ability to raise money. Executive Directors, Directors of Finance and Board members can confidently fulfill their fiduciary responsibility and stewardship roles by working alongside our highly experienced nonprofit accounting team.

Since 1998, Kiwi Partners has supported the NYC not-for-profit community with accounting services – helping society be a better place. It’s a powerful synergy. Let’s see what we can do together.