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For Mission-Driven Organizations, 

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Our Services

For Growing Organizations with Limited Budgets

We can take on that role. This can be on an as-needed basis or a regularly scheduled on-site visit. Even if you have already have small department we can help by supplementing it.

For Organizations without a formal HR Department

We can audit your current practices and provide you with documents to help you easily navigate your own unique HR situation. A great way to start off on the right foot for a predefined one time cost.

For One Time Projects or

Consulting Services

We can help you with any HR Service or project you need. We offer all kinds of services ranging from recruitment to benefits planning to Best Practice Reviews.


The 5 Steps of our One Time Essential HR Service


An HR team of at least 2 people, depending on the size and needs of your company, will start by reaching out for an introductory conversation.

They will request that you fill out a questionnaire in order to assess your current HR practices.

HR Audit


After a careful analysis of the questionnaire, our team will then review your HR practices on site.


This review will focus mainly on areas of concern found in the questionnaire.


After reviewing your HR practices, the team will get to work on a written report of all their findings that will include:

  • Areas of risk in your current HR practices

  • Suggestions and recommendations in areas that need to change

  • Best practices to consider for your HR


This report will be provided to you in an agreed upon time frame.


In addition to the report, we will provide you with all of the HR materials that you will need to be in compliance with state and federal regulations.

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